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My Why?

  • Reimagine a Great Place on a Great Lake-
    • A place that my Great Great Uncle like so many other migrants and immigrants left European and Mexican Shores and The American South in pursuit of economic mobility and prosperity in MKE
    • Multicultural Hub and International City Attracting Investment and Industry to our strong economic clusters
      • Energy
      • Water
      • Healthcare
      • Advanced Manufacturing

  •  Create an environment that achieves inclusive prosperity and economic mobility
    • People came here for economic opportunities
    • We are attempting to avoid a growing permanent underclass in Milwaukee County and specifically in the City Milwaukee- 53206 (I am there:2929)
    • Healthiest County in the State

  • Dream Big! Be Aspirational
  • I Love the Work and Problem-" Geeking Out and Talking Shop"
    • Fall In Love with the Problem, Not the Solution- Uri Levine
    • Fiscal Sustainability and Solving our Structural Deficits projected
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